Monday, 19 May 2014

iam going tell about the reflection of our unit civilization. i liked the summative assessment on last line of inquiry because we should get artifacts from home and mam recorded that and the progress was good. the second thing i liked is the wiki it  it was very nice and in my all have liked to to write about our civilization.the third thing I have liked is if i were an Egyptian pharaoh because we should describe all the the things and give the reasons. the one  thing i i should improve is that i should have knowledge of other civilizations also and i need to improve in the gods of every civilizations. mm gave us so many activities that i have improved. thank you for reading my blog.   

Friday, 7 March 2014

i am telling about the unit we have finish.
the unit was energy i got some fun in this unit because we did some models.the most i like in this unit is the exhibition because there was fun explaining the parents about the magnet energy.2 i like is making models because  we get fun.the3 i like in this unit is the four corners it is like mam give us a question we should go to agree,completely agree,disagree,completely disagree or confuse.the summative assessment was really boring.i like the formative assessment.i think this unit was some boring butt the 4 corners and exhibition was fun.THANK YOU for reading my blog

Friday, 22 November 2013

Week reflection
In this week.on Monday we did meditation.
In meditation we sat and closed eyes.
On Tuesday we did exersise we learnt new exersise.
on wednesday we did arobic. in arobic also we did 
like exersise only.on thursday.we did yoga we learnt a new aasam called suryanasam.on friday.
we saw a video called mind video there
actions for boys and girls.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Today 21/11/2013 we did yoga it was very hard to do it.
but we did it. some children did very good because they joined the yoga classes.
some children were not able to do it.I learned a new yoga style today.
some styles were so much easy.